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How To Be Happy

As told by the million stars

Learn how to:

  • Control your thoughts
  • Reduce your stress and fatigue
  • Live Here and Now
  • Identify and satisfy your needs
  • Release your past and fears
  • Be happy Here and Now

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  • " No matter where you are on the path of personal growth and search for happiness, How to be Happy will surely help you take a step forward. This book will inspire and motivate you to make the changes to be happier. "

    - Robert Salois

  • "A gripping book about love, life, and hope. Compelling and enchanting, it offers a fascinating glimpse into the intriguing world of emotions, how to release the past and be open to the present. This page-turner will definitely touch your heart … just like the stars! "

    - Antoinette Layoun

  • " A sympathetic and understanding book with success in mind working with the small and big to give your life back to the real you. The positive energy you feel and the great advice you receive can help you reach happiness. "

    - Brian Mcdougall

  • " How to be Happy is a brilliant way that guides you through a self discovery journey. You will better understand your thoughts, feelings, actions, and reactions. Everything will make more sense. This book will raise your awareness, and change your life perspective. "

    - C. Bruce Gordy

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Welcome to Happiness!

A message from the author

Hello and thank you for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Let me introduce myself and my book’s main characters to you. I am Rita Issa, author of How To Be Happy, and I am also “Genius” who feels like there is always something missing in order to be happy. “Starry” and “Shooter” are 2 stars that accompany me on my ongoing journey of awareness, self discovery, and search for happiness.

I am delighted to share this story with you, as well as Starry and Shooter’s teachings about happiness which have already inspired many people.

It is a fun, entertaining story that looks like my daily life and yours. A display of true situations and scenarios, as well as practical examples of various events, thoughts, and actions which lead us, at one point in our life, to feel unhappy — stressed, tired, overwhelmed, confused, lost, stuck, angry, disappointed, discouraged, sad, and unloved.

The enlightening explanations and powerful tools in this book will enhance your awareness and increase your motivation. You will learn how you can live your life completely fulfilled and truly happy.

Welcome aboard!

I wish you a happy reading and learning experience.

With love,