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5 Steps To Thought Control

Whenever you forget to be happy, follow the 5 steps to thought control. They will lead you back to happiness.

Walk with me.

The Story

Thought ControlHere’s the story of twin baby brothers Tommy and Sammy.

One morning, Tommy cheered, happily, “Mommy is so loving and thoughtful. She is caring and always available to answer to my needs. As soon as I open my mouth, she hurries and gives me my bottle of milk, and this makes me so happy!”

Sammy replied, annoyed, “What are you talking about? This woman is so selfish! She never listens to me and never lets me express myself. As soon as I open my mouth, she hurries to shut me up with a bottle, and that makes me so unhappy!”

Moral Of The Story

No matter the situation — event, words, action — that is happening on the outside, it is the thought inside our mind that is responsible for our happiness or unhappiness.

5 Steps To Thought Control

Step #1: Become aware of how you are feeling in the present moment.

Throughout the day and no matter where you are, consciously stop whatever you are doing, and observe how you are feeling for a moment. At first, you may want to use the help of a reminder — like an alarm. With time, patience, and practice, observing your feelings will happen automatically and will require less or no effort.

I am aware of how I am feeling in the present moment.

Step #2: Become aware of the presence of a thought inside your mind.

There are times when your mind seems quiet and still. More often — whether during the day or at night before or during sleep (insomnia) — one or many thoughts invade your mind.

I am aware that a thought is present inside my mind.

Step #3: Become aware of the details of your thought.

Pay close attention to the topic, content, and details of your thought. What is your thought telling you? Is it describing a happy past, present, or future event? Is it describing a past, painful event that happened to you? Is it reminding you of someone or something dear that you have lost? Is it repeating something that someone said or did to hurt you? Is it describing something bad that might happen to you or your loved ones in the future? Is it telling you that you’re stuck? Is it scaring you and preventing you from taking a new step? Is it constantly reminding you of your overwhelming responsibilities and exhausting to-do list? Is it complaining about your difficult choices or lack of choice? Is it dwelling on your boring life? Is it comparing you to other people, and convincing you that you’ll never be happy like they are?

I am aware of the details of my thought.

Step #4: Become aware that your thought affects the way you feel.

Once you have identified the details of your thought and without staying trapped in there, become aware that it is this particular thought that is making you feel happy or unhappy in the present moment.

I am aware that my thought affects the way I feel.

Step #5: Select your thoughts.

You are in charge and have the power to choose which thought to keep inside your mind, and which one to thank and disregard for the time being — even if you decide to bring this thought back and deal with it later at a more appropriate time. You can control your thoughts in the same way you control your television set. You select which channel you want to watch, and you decide when to turn off your television.

Just like your body needs regular breaks to relax and recharge (even from pleasant activities), your mind also needs regular breaks (even from pleasant thoughts that make you feel happy). Thinking of absolutely nothing and enjoying a quiet, silent mind is a relaxing and an empowering source of daily happiness.

I am in charge of my thoughts and have the power to choose which thought to keep inside my mind in the present moment. I enjoy the silence of my mind.


Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, walk the 5 steps and start controlling your thoughts right here and now. Let me know how it works out for you, and I’ll see you back here soon.

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