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img-rita-aboutThroughout her 20 year successful career as a dentist, Dr. Rita Issa has become the “smile maker” she always dreamed to be. Dr. Issa lives in Montreal, Canada where she studied dentistry and graduated from the University of Montreal at the age of 21.

Her love for art and science, as well as her appreciation for detail and meticulous work earned her the title “Picasso” from her patients. For her integrity, caring, and devotion, they named her “the best dentist in the world,” a title of which she is very proud.

Her curiosity and interest to learn something new, along with her observational skills, analytical mind, and passion to improve her dental career allowed her to implement new techniques.

Dr. Rita IssaOver the years, Dr. Issa has trained hundreds of dentists, teaching them, in their turn, to observe, analyze, and then take action. Her knowledge, assurance, leadership, generosity, and passion for teaching lead those dentists to quickly trust her instructions.

Following a painful separation at the age of 30 (which was added to her life’s long list of unresolved goodbyes), Rita made her first step on the journey of self-discovery, self-help, and personal growth.

She observed her own feelings and thoughts, and tried to understand the sources of her unhappiness. She extensively worked on herself. She consulted with experts, read specialized books, attended meetings and seminars, and participated in workshops.

Rita Issa DentistShe used self improvement techniques that she learnt along the way, and eventually implemented her own how-to be-happy techniques which she put to practice every time she felt unhappy (stressed, tired, overwhelmed, confused, lost, stuck, angry, disappointed, discouraged, sad, or unloved).

Over the years and given the opportunity to interact with many patients every day, Rita observed and concluded that daily stress and unhappiness can cause many dental, temporomandibular joint (TMJ), head, and neck problems (e.g. teeth grinding, teeth damage, jaw discomfort and pain, muscle tension, and unexplained headaches). In such cases, the treatment of the physical problems was incomplete without dealing with the true, underlying cause (e.g. daily stress and unhappiness).

Rita Issa AuthorHaving benefited herself from her own how-to be-happy tools and techniques, Rita often found herself sharing her knowledge about the subject with her patients.

Sooner or later, many of those patients expressed their gratitude, and confirmed that her explanations and techniques were truly beneficial and helpful.

This realization inspired Rita to become a true smile maker, helping more people to be happy from the inside out. It encouraged her to gather and share these explanations and techniques, and “How to be Happy” was born.

Book Signing RitaThe delightful, insightful story inside this book will enhance the reader’s awareness and motivation. The enlightening explanations and powerful tools will help them understand and control their thoughts. They will learn how to reduce their stress and fatigue, identify and satisfy their needs, release their past and fears of the future and move forward, and live and be happy in the present moment.

Next to being a dentist, a business woman, and an author, Rita loves to spend quality time with her family and friends. She enjoys life’s small and big pleasures. She loves to have fun, smile, laugh, and be happy!

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