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Making Assumptions: Be-ware And Aware

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Making assumptions can sometimes be a source of unhappiness, but it can be avoided through awareness, practice, and patience. Ashley and her family went out to the restaurant to celebrate Ashley’s 4th birthday: dinner and a birthday cake. “Who’s the birthday girl?” The waiter asked. He was a young man dressed in a white shirt, a black tie, and black pants, and he was holding a princess crown. “Meee!” Ashley cheered, as she raised her hand. “This is for you, Princess,” the waiter said, then placed the crown on her head. Ashley had a big smile on her face. She […] Read More


It Is What It Is

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It is what it is. Simple. Yet, we cannot accept it. We refuse it. We resist it. We fight it. We wish that it could be what it’s not. We insist on changing it even when we can’t …   I was finally on my way to Miami Florida. One whole week on the beach! A vacation long overdue and certainly well deserved. The plane landed. “Welcome to Miami!” The captain announced. I got off the plane, and rushed to get my luggage. I couldn’t wait to step outside and feel Miami’s heat and smell its tropical air. I grabbed a […] Read More


5 Steps To Thought Control

Thought Control

Whenever you forget to be happy, follow the 5 steps to thought control. They will lead you back to happiness. Walk with me. The Story Here’s the story of twin baby brothers Tommy and Sammy. One morning, Tommy cheered, happily, “Mommy is so loving and thoughtful. She is caring and always available to answer to my needs. As soon as I open my mouth, she hurries and gives me my bottle of milk, and this makes me so happy!” Sammy replied, annoyed, “What are you talking about? This woman is so selfish! She never listens to me and never lets […] Read More


Where Is Happiness?

Find Happiness

This story is dedicated to every Lisa inside of us, still chasing happiness … It was Friday afternoon which meant, “The weekend is finally here!” Although I love my job and my patients, I could not wait for the weekend to start so I could escape to my secret world of happiness, and continue my conversations with Starry and Shooter like I’d been doing for the past couple of years, while conceiving my book How to be Happy. I walked into the reception area of my dental office where Lisa—my last patient of the day—was waiting. “Hi Lisa!” I greeted. […] Read More