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How To be Happy

As told by the million stars

Through a delightful conversation with two stars—Starry and Shooter—this book will take you on a journey into yourself, and show you how you can live your life completely fulfilled and truly happy. The insightful, creative, and practical story will enhance your awareness, and increase your motivation. The enlightening explanations will help you understand your thoughts, and the powerful tools will help you control them.

Thank you for choosing this book or… did this book choose you?

You’ll learn how to:

  • Control your thoughts
  • Reduce your stress
  • Identify and satisfy your needs
  • Release your past and move forward
  • Control your reactions
  • Reduce your fatigue
  • Release your fears and move forward
  • Live Here and Now
  • Be happy Here and Now

Book Quotes

  • "Where do I come from? Where am I going? What am I doing here? What do I want? Who am I?"
  • "Each need carries an important message. Understanding the language your need speaks beyond all Human words and figuring out its message helps you decide your destination and set your next goal."
  • "Do you remember how many times you've talked yourself into 'should be grateful and happy' that you have this job?" he asked. "Do you remember how long you could fool yourself into feeling this happy, and how long this fragile happiness would last before the ghost of unhappiness started haunting you again?"
  • "So where can I find the Being? What purpose does the Being have? How does my Human exist through the Being?"
  • "Your head, or rather the thought," explained Starry, "uses any language that your Human can speak or understand, and sometimes it uses no words at all. Its voice has no real tone and sounds like nothing in particular. It talks to you through words and full sentences that only you can hear, no matter how softly it whispers or how loudly it screams. It shows you images and scenes—even full movies—that you, and only you, can see."
  • "The stories of your past hang on to you and you hang on to them. They do not let go of you, and you do not let go of them. You do not want to let go of them because, somewhere inside of you, you believe that losing them could mean losing a part of yourself."
  • "I think it will be impossible for me to do that. I mean, when I react, it happens so fast! Before I even have a chance to think, or decide to stop it, the reaction has already taken over."
  • "Remember that the nature of something new is unknown, and what is unknown is often judged as something bad and confused with something unsafe, scary, and painful."
  • "Don't travel heavy, Genius. Travel light! Put down some of your million things to do. Unload! Make them a thousand instead. How does one thousand sound to you?"
  • "Here and Now has one ultimate purpose: to make you happy. Allow it to express itself. Watch closely, listen carefully, and try to understand what it is trying to let you know. Let it deliver its message—this priceless gift—to you."
  • "Never refuse a gift, whether it is one that you offer to yourself, one that another Human offers to you, or one that life grants you. Always welcome a gift and humbly say 'thank you,' so the gifts keep coming."

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