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New Year’s Resolution

pink sunglassesThe most wonderful time of the year is here again: Holiday spirit, celebrations, gifts, family gatherings, home-cooked meals, and of course, New Year’s resolutions to which we hope to stick, this time around.

It was Christmas morning. I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to see what Santa had left me under the Christmas tree. There it was: A big pink box, with my name on it! I excitedly opened the box and pulled out a pink doll, a pink dress, pink sunglasses, and a red toothbrush. I remember jumping up and down from joy. I was the happiest kid in the world! I hugged my doll tightly for a while before I put it back in the box. Then, I took off my pajamas, put on my new dress, and proudly spun around and watched it twirl. After I stopped, I picked up my new sunglasses and put them on.

Suddenly, the Christmas tree turned pink! I looked around me. Everyone and everything in the room was also pink: My mom and dad, the furniture, the walls, and even my red toothbrush were pink. I looked at my hands and feet. They too were pink! I rushed to the window where my face and hands still left their prints from the night before. I had spent Christmas eve glued to the cold glass, watching the snow fall and waiting for Santa to arrive. I looked outside. I was amused to find out that the white snow was pink. I looked up. I was so impressed to see that even the dark clouds and grey sky were pink, bright, and beautiful!

This year, all I want for Christmas are my Pink Sunglasses, and my New Year’s resolution is to wear these glasses every time the clouds seem dark and the sky grey, so life feels pink, bright, and beautiful again!

This year:

  • When I’ll get sucked into the painful memories of my past, or the fears and worries of the future, I’ll put on my ‘Present Moment – Pink Sunglasses’ and become aware of the present moment and fully enjoy it.
  • When I’ll catch myself complaining about my life—my problems and missing pleasures, I’ll put on my ‘Gratitude – Pink Sunglasses’ to clearly see and count my blessings.
  • When I’ll feel tired, I’ll put on my ‘Take a break – Pink Sunglasses,’ give my body and mind a break, and allow myself to enjoy my well-deserved time off.
  • When I’ll feel overwhelmed, I’ll put on my ‘Unload – Pink Sunglasses,’ put down what no longer serves me, set the limits of my physical, mental, and emotional health and well being, and live within those limits without feeling guilty.
  • When I’ll feel resentful, I’ll put on my ‘Compassion – Pink Sunglasses’ to clearly see that everyone has challenges and personal circumstances, as well as strengths and something special to offer.
  • When I’ll feel angry, I’ll put on my ‘Tolerance – Pink Sunglasses’ to recognize a battle arising inside me, resist the temptation of getting involved in it, and consciously choose to drop it and walk away.
  • When I’ll feel discouraged, I’ll put on my ‘Faith – Pink Sunglasses’ to clearly see that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be, and to be patient and trust life and its outcome.
  • When I’ll feel unappreciated and unloved, I’ll put on my ‘Love – Pink Sunglasses’ to clearly see that I am appreciated and loved.
  • When I’ll feel bored and lonely, I’ll put on my ‘Joy – Pink Sunglasses’ and add humor, have fun, be enthusiastic, feel the passion, and smile again.
  • When I’ll feel unhappy, I’ll put on my ‘Happiness – Pink Sunglasses,’ find my inner peace, welcome and embrace life, and feel happy again.

Wishing you and your loved ones Happy Holidays, a Happy New Year, and a pair of Pink Sunglasses!


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