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It’s Time


It has no shape and has no color. It does not speak and makes no sound. It does not smell, taste, or feel like anything, yet it is a precious gift that you can receive or offer someone. What is it?

Need more hints? 

It has healing powers. It is priceless, yet you can buy it. You can also make it, take it, give it, share it, waste it, save it, invest it, or spend it. It drags. It flows. It is unstoppable. It flies and once gone, you can never bring it back.

Have you guessed it yet? 

It’s Time. That precious gift that you can receive or offer someone is Time!

8 Tips To Spend Time With Someone Special

1-     Acknowledge your need to spend more time with someone in particular. Become aware of someone’s need to spend more time with you. If you sometimes catch yourself feeling unhappy, maybe even guilty about not spending enough time with that person, then it’s time to stop waiting until later and take action.

2-     List the names of the people with whom you’d like to spend more time. Start with someone special like a loved one, maybe a family member or a dear friend.

3-     Reorganize your priority list and make room for that special person within your busy schedule. You can ask someone knowledgeable on the subject to help you with your time management. When you feel overwhelmed with responsibilities and things you have to do for your family, the house, and work, become aware of how much precious time and energy you may be wasting everyday on countless thoughts, conversations, and actions that do not serve you or anyone around you.

4-     Contact that person. Pick up the phone and call them or send them an email, and set a date and time for you to get together. Take note of the set date and time, and lock it in your schedule. Treat this precious time as a priority because it is. Do not knock it down your priority list and make sure you do not replace, postpone, or delete it.

5-     Make a list of different activities that you can do together such as watching a movie, playing games, celebrating special events, laughing, and having fun. You can also simply meet for coffee, breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and enjoy a nice conversation.

6-     During this time together, observe that special person and listen to them. Be genuinely interested in their stories. Ask them about their life and what’s new—their health, family, children, work, pet, weekend, vacation, achievements, and troubles. You can also share your stories and allow them to enjoy listening to you.

7-     Make sure the time you spend together is quality time. Stay focused, no matter the activity. Do not allow any distractions to prevent you from enjoying this precious present moment, namely your thoughts reminding you of what you still have to do for the kids, home, or work, where you have to go, what you have to pick up, whom you have to call … Become aware of your thoughts repeating what happened and what you have or should’ve said or done, or what may later happen and what you will or should say or do.

8-     Spend quality time with someone special on regular basis. Doing so is a great stress reliever. It recharges your body and mind, and gives you renewed energy. Spending quality time with someone special gives you satisfaction, stillness, and happiness.

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